Vegetarian Food in London

There are more than 17000 places to eat in London, but as a vegetarian, I cannot always rely on the reviews as criteria to choose where to dine, sometimes these reviews reflect the quality of the whole menu rather than the vegetarian options. On this page, I will share my findings regarding good vegetarian food in London. Feel free to send suggestions of that little place that only you know that serves the best food ever.

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Sri Lankan


This restaurant makes me wish I had a list with my top 3 restaurant meals ever because this place would definitely make it to the top along with the Heston Blumenthal in Knightsbridge, London and the Dum Pukht in the ITC Maratha, Mumbai.

We visited this place when staying in the area and for recommendation of our cousin that kept praising how good the food is at this place. The expectation was to have a good Sri Lankan Thali, little I knew by then I was about to have the best lunch ever in London.

When the food arrived I thought the portions were huge and I would never be able to finish it all, but, I was wrong again because everything was so delicious and balanced I couldn’t stop myself from having a bite of each curry after the other. The food is made with attention and care to let the freshness and quality of the ingredients shine on their own without excess use of oil.

The parippu curry that consists of Mysoor dhal cooked with spices and coconut, something so simple and that so may times you find this dish overpowered with coconut, in this restaurant it was just perfect, an incredible balance of flavours that kept me wanting to have 1 more spoon after another.

The beetroot curry, perfect to cool down the heat between bites. The Kathrikkai Kulambu is safe to say is now my most favourite aubergine dish of all times. Pumpkin and cassava curry so rich, comforting and tasty and the Varai aka Cabbage, leeks and carrot gently stir-fried with onions, chillies and curry leaves complete the selection of “small” dishes present on this vegetarian thali. As if all of this was still not enough you also get the most fresh medu veda so moist you will not feel the need of a chutney (I felt all my life I’ve been having fake medu veda after this!!! ), some plain rice and a crispy papad, what a feast of flavours this was… but there’s always place for dessert and there was the most delicious pudding ever (sorry mom!) the Watalappan made with coconut milk, kithul, free range eggs, nutmeg and cardamom is as decadent as it looks and worth all the calories anytime!!

This is a slightly off track place but well worth the commute and I can’t wait to go back and try all the other vegetable curries.

Thank you chef Ravi for more than a lunch, an authentic Sri Lankan experience…



Fine Indian


After a few disappointing dinners, I am pleased to add one more restaurant to this list of great vegetarian food in London. Javamar is my new favourite Mayfair jewel, the finely decor set prepares you for a meal that has nothing of ordinary. The small plates are carefully thought to take you on a tasteful journey across the Indian cuisine. Delicately spiced dishes that are only surpassed by the perfectly balanced desserts. The friendly and attentive staff doesn’t let the smart and upscale feeling of the place put you off. Very pleased with the service, our waiter for the evening Mr Pretesh a young man very polite, attentive and friendly guided us through the meal describing the dishes with a notorious passion for the food. The prices are very decent for the quality of the food and the Mayfair standards. Pardon me for the quality of the pictures.

Thandai - Javamar London
Thandai (not the traditional Indian drink) Fresh raspberry, kaffir leaf, toasted cumin, guava, mango,
cranberry, vanilla, ginger beer – Javamar London
Bharwan Mirchi paneer-stuffed sweet peppers, chopped purple potato & Indian mustard Javamar London Review dontask4salt
Bharwan Mirchi paneer-stuffed sweet peppers, chopped purple potato & Indian mustard – Javamar London
Kasundi Paneer Tikka mint & raw papaya chutney - Javamar London Javamar London Review dontask4salt
Kasundi Paneer Tikka mint & raw papaya chutney – Javamar London
Javamar Dal - Slow cooked black lentils - Javamar London Javamar London Review dontask4salt
Javamar Dal – Slow cooked black lentils – Javamar London
Peshawari Stuffed Kulcha - Javamar London Review
Peshawari Stuffed Kulcha – Javamar London
Mango Rasmalai alphonso mango pulp, mixed berry chutney & wheat biscuit base
Mango Rasmalai
alphonso mango pulp, mixed berry chutney & wheat biscuit base – Javamar London
Complimentary Delicious Sweet Treat - Javamar London
Complimentary Delicious Sweet Treat – Javamar London




Since my mate Daisy from the kitchen had shared very tempting photos from the dishes at Pachamama that I’ve been wanting to go there. My first time in a Peruvian restaurant but I was very excited about it, great reviews across the internet and 5 vegetarian options for main was a safe choice for his birthday dinner.

The place is nicely decorated, lighting is perfect (except for the pictures, sorry in advance), prices are very decent. Portions are small but it gives you the opportunity to order your own selection. Service is quite fast also, you can always order more as you go. Food was incredible, if you like mushrooms you need to go try their Smoked mushroom ceviche, maíz, smoked olive oil, it really raises the standards of good food. Had also the chance to try the pisco and their Bebé Gastón I believe, a cocktail with Fresh rocoto chilli, fresh lime and ginger beer, this one lost balance over time and the chilli became a bit too much, not my best choice to pair with a vegetarian meal.

Was a quick visit on a school night that left me wanting for more, looking forward to another excuse to return and try the remaining dishes, leave you with the pictures of the chosen ones. We skipped dessert this time because my chocolate tartuffo birthday cake for him awaited us. We have not left without a treat from the management for the birthday boy, Peruvian chilli & cacao truffles, highly recommended.

Smoked mushroom ceviche, maíz, smoked olive oil Pachamama review
Smoked mushroom ceviche, maíz, smoked olive oil
Plantain, yacón syrup, feta, black olive Pachamama Review
Plantain, yacón syrup, feta, black olive
Bebé Gastón Pachamama review
Bebé Gastón
Smoked cheddar tequeños Pachamama review
Smoked cheddar tequeños


Punjabi Food


I’ve returned to Tayyabs the other day for dinner after almost two years, the place has 3 floors, is open 7 days a week and it is always full this is how good this restaurant is. I confess the smell of grilled meat in this place bothers me if you feel the same then, I strongly advise you not to go there. I was in the area and feeling quite hungry so I went there. Tayyabs has two of my favourite vegetables on the menu, Okra (Bhindi) and Bittergourd (Karele) with lentils. And that’s exactly what I went for.

The Punjabi Chana Dal with the karele was top, (click here for my chana dal fry recipe) The bhindi curry was also good. We ordered Roti, one of the best in London, and paratha that was quite average and it is expensive to the place,£3,50.


Tayyabs London Vegetarian Food Review
Tayyabs London


Bun Bun Bun

Vietnamese Food

Hoxton, London

This Vietnamese restaurant turned out to be a lovely surprise, had lunch here on a Saturday and it was great. The place is small and usually busier from 7 to 9 pm.

Was quite hungry so I’ve ordered the Vietnamese baguette and a Spicy tofu & aubergine braised in clay pot rice set for the main course, It was my first time having a Bánh mì, the Vietnamese baguette this one with Tofu and Lemongrass and it was incredibly good, bread was light and crusty the filling was so fresh and tasty. The main course was food for the heart, perfectly steamed basmati rice with rich braised tofu and aubergine clay pot, comes with an amazing vegetable soup packed with flavour and crunchy pickled daikon & carrots sticks. Can’t wait to go back and try the  Cơm cà ri chay | Spicy tofu & vegetable coconut curry.

Bánh mì đậu | Lemongrass Tofu Vietnamese Baguette -Vegetarian Food in London
Bánh mì đậu | Lemongrass Tofu Vietnamese Baguette
Cơm đậu om cà tím | Spicy tofu &amp - Vegetarian Food in London; aubergine braised in claypot
Cơm đậu om cà tím |
Spicy tofu & aubergine braised in clay pot


Indian Food

Kensington | Shoreditch | King’s Cross | Carnaby | Covent Garden

Have visited Dishoom in Shoreditch, there was a big queue, which is normal for the popular restaurants in London on a Friday evening, but I really wanted to try this Bombay café so we waited in line for about 35 minutes, a selection of complimentary mini refreshments were offered to minimize the inconvenience, I had a mini cup of chai and I must say it was the best I’ve ever had.

After seating and ordering, the food doesn’t take long to arrive, I decided to have the Mumbai street food classic pav bhaji (see my recipe here) and a comforting black daal, they were both delicious and well worth the wait in line, there are plenty of other vegetarian options and even special diets dedicated menus like vegan or gluten-free. I’m planning to go back to dishoom and try the breakfast menu.

Dishoom - Vegetarian Food in London


Sri Lankan inspired food

Soho | St Christopher’s Place

Had a late lunch at the Hoppers in Soho, they don’t take reservations so I head up to the place, there was a 20 minutes waiting queue, they kept my phone number and sent a reminder when the table was about to be ready, I like this electronic queuing system, instead of waiting in line one can go for a walk in the meantime.

We had a hopper with chutneys, a brinjal moju and a Vegetable Kothu Roti. All the food was very tasty and fresh, the portions are quite small but the food arrives very fast so you can always order more as you go, the prices are decent and the service on that day was excellent.


Hopper & Chutney - Vegetarian Food in London
Hopper & Chutney
Vegetable Kothu Roti - Vegetarian Food in London
Vegetable Kothu Roti

Shree Krishna Vada Pav

Maharashtrian Vegetarian Cafe-style Eatery


I don’t remember how it starts but it always ends up with me ignoring the travel time in London and embracing the trip almost as a pilgrimage to these places, all for the sake of great food, in this case, Mumbai fast food.

If just like me you find yourself often craving for these delicacies or if you have not yet had a chance to have the most authentic Mumbai street food in London, then head up to Harrow, 8 minutes walk from the Harrow & Wealdstone station will lead you to this small cafe-style vegetarian eatery place.

How awesome it is when you know you can order anything on the menu? all vegetarian, all reasonably priced. Queue to order here tends to get big which is always a great indicator of the quality, and you might not immediately find a place to seat but it all adds up to build even more appetite.

The food,  I ordered the iconic dish that gives the name to this cafe, vada pav, this triple chutney spiced potato filling deep fried in a gram flour better served in a bap and garnished with a fried green chilli, has everything to be a winner. I remember thinking I could have this every single day, this is how good vada pav is. One and half hours trip from home for this snack totally worth it but to make the experience even better, I’ve also tried the very hot misal pav  a spicy curry made of sprouts, chickpeas and chilli powder served with pav on top of farsan a Gujarati snack, pav bhaji very authentic and the most amazing samosa pav. To try next time, kanda poha (see my recipe here), available only on the weekends

shree krishna vada pav - vegetarian food in London
Shree Krishna vada pav




Swedish Bakery

Covent Garden

It was June last year and what started as my craving for cinnamon rolls quickly escalated into a quest to find the best one in London, after some research and a few tries I came across this little Swedish bakery in Covent Garden, where I had the most perfect freshly baked, perfectly balanced in sweetness and cinnamon with a hint of cardamom and topped with little crunchy sugar nibs cinnamon roll or in Swedish Kanelbullar

Best Cinnamon Roll in London
Best Cinnamon Roll in London